Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Activities Today at School

               So today was a fun day , I arrived school 5 minutes before the time the class was supposed to start . First subject was mentor time , unfortunately Ms.Imelda was absent so Mr.Rinen replaced her . Then it was maths , I was feeling sleepy at maths , so can't really understand what Ms.Daria was explaining , I just did the worksheet and workbook that i was supposed to do . 3rd subject was English Language , Ms.Samihani was absent but there was no a replacement teacher , so we had free time for English and I went earlier for break time . I ate spaghetti for break , my aunt cooked it . Then i went up to alim husin hall to play basketball for awhile . Then its science , I was also sleepy but i still can understand what Mr.Rinen was explaining . Then it was IT , i was writing this on computer number 5 .

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